Where to buy arrows?

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Sine Nomen, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. Sine Nomen

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    My boss just gave me a bow he got from his nieghbor. It's a High Country Sniper with a 28-29" draw at 75-80lbs. I haven't shot a bow since I was a kid and had a 25lb recurve. So i'm wondering, where is a good place to buy arrows given that I'll only be shooting at makeshift targest behind the shop. Also, what kinds of targets/backstops do I need to use to not break arrows nor have them fly clean through?
  2. Mafuta54

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    Adventure Outdoors, walmart, Dicks, etc...

  3. peashooter

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    You could go to Basspro shop and make sure you get the correct arrow length for you. I don't care what the bow says draw length is, you need to fit you and the arrow to the bow. I use a recurve to hunt with, which me the arrow and the bow go together. Maybe this will help.