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Where'd the GeorgiaPacking rules go?
At the very bottom of the "home" page here, I see a link to "Terms & Rules," but they are generic and apply to every website owned by Carbon Media, this national social media company that how has GeorgiaPacking.

We used to have another set of rules specific to only GeorgiaPacking, and it was made by the creators of this site and updated as necessary over the years as moderators saw the kinds of problems that were developing.

Those site-specific rules USED TO BE under a "F.A.Q." tab, also on the main page of the Forum section. But, I don't see any such tab there anymore.

I know the Buy-Sell-Trade forum has its own rules posted as a sticky at the top of that page, and maybe a couple other forums do also, but I think EVERY page that serves as a header or sub-home page here should have a list of GPDO-specific rules.
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