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Other Guy's Perspective

If you pull a gun against a specific individual or group, and that person knows that the reason you pulled the gun is because you're considering using it against HIM, then you had already better have a bona-fide case of self defense, or you may have committed the felony of aggravated assault.

If you expose a gun without brandishing it or making any explicit or implicit threats with it, but you're merely switching from concealed carry to open carry or tranferring the gun to a more easily reachable location, you may be OK, especially if you aren't involved in a confrontation with anybody else at that point.

The bottom line is: Would that other guy think I'm about to put his life in danger? Would a reasonable person in his shoes be afraid of me and my gun? If the answer is YES, then you must be able to show that he's the one who made you fearful first, and you only responded to his threat with your weapon.
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