When birdbrains run a state

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  1. Rugerer

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    As Clayton Cramer says, "What happens when birdbrains run a state."


    A $1B job costs $12B to accommodate the birds. And, they're still spending on it.
  2. Nemo

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    Gubmint! What else can ya say?


  3. EJR914

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    They would say that "you're missing the big picture." :roll:

    You know, all the "jobs created," and the economic benefits that the project took 12 times more money and ran twice as long as it needed to.

    We see the same mentality in all projects today, especially where government has a hand in it.

    In the end, the bill is unfortunately passed on to the consumers, be it electric power, tax payers, or whoever.
  4. gunsmoker

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    true dat

    Yeah, one thing that Big-Brother government lovers like about the government is how their tax-and-spend ways promote the economy.
    As if the owners of that money, if they were allowed to keep it, would not spend it or invest it with institutions who would loan it to people who would spend it.

    But with government, the spending can be directed to crony-capitalist businesses that are favored by the political leaders. Either for personal reasons or based on politics, race, religion, ethnicity, whatever.


    If I were a congressman, I think I'd introduce a bill to form a bucket brigade to scoop water out of the Pacific ocean and pass it, hand-to-hand, across the country to dump in the Atlantic ocean.

    Just think of all the jobs for minimally-educated young people with ADD whose attention spans can't handle anything more intellectual.

    Imagine how much of a boom there will be in housing, restaurants, dollar stores, liquor stores, vape and tobacco stores, and tattoo parlors all along the route of the bucket brigade. It will be a great boost to the economy of every state through which the water passes!

    We can make these people federal employees, and unionize them. Finally, they can earn a living wage and lifetime benefits. Human rights and human dignity be praised !!!

    And, as an added bonus, our nation will be so much safer from forest fires, at least within a reasonable distance of the bucket brigade, because they can divert that ocean water for critical lifesaving purposes in times of emergencies.

    Of course all such public safety and national infrastructure personnel will need to be background-checked, so that will be a great business opportunity for folks who want to set up little kiosks to facilitate that process. Document printing companies will pop up to serve this population's need for replacement birth certificicates, driver's licenses, credit reports, utility bills, high school diplomas, etc.
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    Now there is an idea
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    I see your bet and raise you:


    One summer they put 2.3M cubic yards of fill across a ravine. The next summer they dig back down to the bottom to put that thing in. The contractor knew it was coming and offered a change order to do it while their first round of work was going, but the state didn't want to talk about it. Paid a new contractor to do the work next summer. As bad as GDOT is be thankful they will do things like design build, or know how do manage a project over $30M without pissing their pants.