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What's this worth?

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This weapon was recently given to me by a relative after she located it in it's hiding place for the last 100 years or so.

Harrington & Richardson Arms Company Worchester Mass USA
Pat, May 14 & Aug 6 89 April 2 95 April 7 96


The mechanisms and auto eject work just fine and after a good looking over, it fired nicely. There's some obvious pitting but considering the gun is from the late 1800s and spent 100 years in a brown paper bag, it's not too bad.

Anyone know anything about a weapon like this?
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Ok, I'm a techno idiot. Can someone explain how to upload jpegs of this gun? I've clicked the "Img" button, pasted the url and then clicked the "Img" button again but all I get is the url in the post.
the filename needs to end in .jpg or another web-friendly image format. just highlight the url and click the img button and it should work.
My Guess: $150

Harrington & Richardson is not a top-shelf gun maker. They are an off-brand, like Iver Johnson, not a premium brand, like Colt or S&W. So that's going to limit the collector's value. Also, these small revolvers in that caliber were very common back from the 1880s - 1940s. Everybody and their brother had one. So that drags down its colletor's value. Finally, it doesn 't sound like yours is in very good condition. Servicable, sure, but not looking like it did "back in the day." If it were a rarer or more historically significant gun, a worn finish and some pitting wouldn't be fatal to its collectabilty, but with this make and model.... I'm going to guess it's worth about $150.
Darned....was hoping it was my ticket to a G23!!!! :oops: :lol:
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