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Macktee said:
How can this

be a pistol, while these aren't? ... um=7924801 ... um=7941585

Especially that first one, which is also .223 cal. The other two are 12 ga.

They don't look all that different to my non-expert eyes. All are two handed "pistols" and semi-auto. They do the same job about equally.

So, what's the difference? I've seen "pistols" that look like short barreled rifles and SBRs that look an awful lot like some "pistols".

Why does the BATF rule one way on one and the other on another, other than just because they can???
If you look at my avatar you will see one of the sweetist PLR-16 in the south. It is easy to hold like a pistol and is virtually recoiless and it shoots the nato 5.56 (.223) with considerable accuracy. It's serial number is in the 300's and they are hard to get for a reasonable price. Mine cost around $650 after all the accessorizing I did. I had to get mine from a dealer in Florida where they are made.
Just like my S&W High perfomance hunter 500 Magnum, it turns heads at the rifle range.
8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)
Take care,
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