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What was the first handgun you bought for yourself?

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I bought my first handgun back in 1985-6 for myself. After lots of reading and trying out what I could at the range I made the monumental decision to shift from what I had grown up shooting (1911 in 45ACP) to a Browning Hi-Power in 9mm. This did not go over well with my father for whom the 1911 was the perfect weapon.

I wanted a new weapon, but was tempted by a slew of surplus Hi-Powers coming out of NATO that were parkerized and had shoulder stocks. Nevertheless I stuck with my plan and bought a new commercial Hi-Power, blued, with adjustable sights. Most naturally pointing, easiest to shoot, and nicest new gun I've ever purchased. Still have it.

So, what about you?
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Springfield xd 9 sc bitone
1979 I was 19 yrs old and bought a Ruger Security Six stainless steel 4". Still have it!
Colt Government Model 1911 done in Armalloy (electroless nickel)in '79, traded in for a Glock 17 in 84/85, which got traded for a G23 at the turn of the century. ((Strictly following which was traded for what, as other pistols came and went on their own)).

My fave was probably the Colt Commander in .45 with the alloy frame, slim and easy to carry even after adding a sinister side safety. I sold it for more than I had paid for it.
Sig P226 back in 2011, LGS had a used one for about $600. Loved it, but the steel slide made it heavy to carry. Sold it, but have thought about buying a Mk25 just to have a 226 again.
SIG P250c.

I don't regret it. The DAO trigger made me a better shooter with time.

I won't get rid of it since they are discontinued. I'm also sentimental in regards to my guns. But I will be upgrading to a P320
Ruger Super Blackhawk in blue in '91. I still have it. A lot of the bluing is gone from the grip frame. I saw the light regarding throat dimensions a few years ago and can now shoot full tilt loads with lead bullets with no leading if they are sized right.
Traded an Apple IIe to my cousin back in 1984/5 for a Smith & Wesson 586 6 inch.

I miss that one. Sold it and bought another 586 4 inch. That one is long gone too.
Colt Huntsman .22 semi auto, that I bought used from someone, while in college in 1978. I think it cost me $50. I lost that gun in an Army move, to my great regret.
M&P .40, still have it.
Ruger P95DC back in1996. Still functions flawlessly!
Bought a S&W model 66 with a 6" barrel in '84/'85. Long story - but I no longer have it.
I bought a Ruger Redhawk .44 Magnum from a friend in the early 90's for $400. He threw in a full reloading kit (Lee three stage progressive press) and some leftover supplies. I still have that gun and the press. Still use both.
I have standing offers from two of my cousins that they want right of first refusal if I ever decide to sell it. We used to go shooting together with that gun in abandoned strip pits outside of Tuscaloosa, AL.
Glock 26 ten years ago.
Glock 22 on my 21st birthday. that was a loooong time ago.
Colt Anaconda 6" .44mag back in 1990, still have it.
Glock 23, I think early Spring of 1991. Serviced once by the Glock factory in Smyrna a few years later to bring it up to par back when there were issues with the 1st Gen. Still have it and never selling it.
S&W model 34 "Kit Gun." .22 revolver. 4" bbl. square butt. blue, adj. sights. The price was about $250 in the middle 1980s.
I don't have that same gun today, but I have one just like it, only made in the later 1980s.
Bought a Springfield XD 45 compact tactical on my 21st birthday, right after updating my license and applying for my carry permit at the courthouse.
S&W Model 59 in 1972.
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