What to change on Remington 1911r1 and RIA 1911

Discussion in 'Firearms' started by guardguy, Nov 16, 2010.

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    I have narrowed down my search for a gov't size 1911 to either a Remington 1911r1 and a Rock Island Armory standard 1911. The Remington gets the nod for being American made although the price is about $200 than the RIA. The RIA sights suck, the front sight looks made into the slide, at least it is not dovetailed in?

    Another $100 more than the Remington gets me a Kimber so I am figuring what would it cost to bring either the Rem or RIA up to snuff over the next couple of months or should I just blow my budget now and get the Kimber.

    Adding a beavertail and replacing the GI hammer with a smaller hammer on both the Rem and RIA. Anything else to make these a reliable carry gun except shoot the crap out of them?
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    I'd go with the Remington myself. After having several Kimbers I think they are over rated. Each had to go back to the factory for one thing or another. :shakehead:
    Most have MIM (magnetic injection molding) parts that can break. Replace them with Wilson forged parts. I detest the beaver tails from Kimber and again prefer the Wilson.

    From Wilson get a hammer, beaver tail, safety, & slide lock. Your choice of finish. Sights are a matter of personal preference. I prefer night target sights but that's just me. A day at the smith for fitting and a trigger job you are good to go. :righton:

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    Dovetailed in front sights are overrated. There is nothing wrong with a staked in front sight IF it is staked in right. The secret is to make a small divot on the underside of the slide to give the stake an area to hold.
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