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At least to me!

I traded this off 9 months to a year ago to a friend of mine for 2 guns. It was one of those things you regret doing not too long after it's done. So, I have been after him to trade it back to me for a while, but we just couldn't come to any sort of agreement.

Well, he came into some financial difficulty and needed some cash ASAP. As it so happens, I had just sent of almost $1000 for another pistol the day before, so my "mad" money was pretty depleted. I told all I had left in my stash was about $600 (true, btw). He said he hated to do it, but he had to do what he had to do. The only caveat was he asked to get first chance if I ever decided to get rid of it. I had no problem agreeing to that, because of already feeling guilty for only giving him $600 for it.

So, she's back where she belongs...

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