What is a statist? What is an anarchist?

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    What is a statist?

    What is an anarchist? "It is synonymous with freedom" does not really tell us the answer to that question.

    What is anarchy? "simply a state of being" does not really answer the question.

    It sounds like you just walk around claiming not to be a part of the "system" in which you are enmeshed and pretending that somehow makes you different.

    It could be I misunderstand, but your posts do not do a whole lot to clear it up.

    If it is just pretending there is no government, when there is, then that is just delusion.

    So what are these things?
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    A meme is worth a thousand words.

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    Anarchy is a total lack of any form of government. Each individual is supposed to be totally self governing without any interference from any other individual. However believers then want to place restrictions as to what is right and wrong and place enforcement policies in this system without admitting they actually just created a government

    In short anarchy is a pipe dream that can not exist in a world with more than one person.