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    of the hoopla over Trump's largely manipulated response to the stand down question?
    My heartfelt belief, at this stage of the game/war to keep the Constitution and American sovereignty intact, is that we are definitely in a war in which not many actual/literal shots have been fired. Most of the actual/literal shots have been from the left into the ranks of the right.
    It appears, that unless there is a resounding, definitive and purposeful taking up of arms against the globalists and American wealth redistributionists, the right will lose this war.
    I believe that the left/globalists is/are doing every thing in their power to steal this election. I will not point out all the specific instances that have surfaced lately that are examples of efforts by some to sway this election unlawfully/unethically.
    My simple question is this, Do you think it is wrong for Trump to even float the possibility that Militias may be needed to fight for this once great Nation against those enemies foreign and domestic who would see the destruction of the Constitution and American sovereignty?
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    No not at all, there may be a need for a reset, if not sooner then later
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    No more than it was for the likes of Patrick Henry and others in his day whose rose up against enemies both foreign and domestic.
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    First I will say you are correct this “war “ has already started. I believe it will be absolutely necessary for everyone on the right to join before it is over. I’m not so sure the time is right YET for the president to make the call but it is coming maybe soon.
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