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What did you reload today?

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I know that Match 10 and I aren’t the only reloaders here. We reload on most Saturdays.

Today was a low volume day for us. We loaded 40 rounds of 30-40 Krag for him to try in a recently acquired rifle. They are Hornady 150gr soft points. 20 at over 35gr of H335 and 20 are over 36 of H335.

We also loaded 100 .357 Magnum defensive rounds that are 125gr Hornady XTP over 9.5gr of Power Pistol, and 150 .357 soft target rounds that are 158gr Berry’s flat point over 5.9gr of W244.

What did you reload today?
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I cleaned house from other projects. I’ll pick it back up before the end of the month. Based on info here, I added some lighting.
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Not exactly reloading but more reworking. I had a buddy show up on my doorstep with 250 .45 ACP bubba reloads a friend of a friend gave him years and years ago. He complained of fail-to-feed and failure to go into battery malfunctions so I pulled out my calipers and found 80% of the cases were still flared (not just poorly crimped) and OAL varied from 1.220-1.287! We set him up with 1.252 OAL and a decent crimp for anything that was long and just re-crimped the rest. 5-4 of them had proud primers to correct and some dozen were tossed as likely cracked cases.

If anybody has seen iron oxide half around halfway up on a .45, I’m curious what it was. I suspect either something with a gas port or some horribly worn out chamber. No dings or crimps there, just a literal rust belt across some of the cases. Mixed brass cases from the usual suspects. No nickel or wolf in there.
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That’s strange. Sized with a rusty die? Not all are carbide. I would think that after a few, the loose rust would have come off the inside of the die though.
We only did reseat/re-crimp so it wasn’t my carbide sizing die. Maybe someone skipped lube on a steel sizing die 2 decades back and the remnant is rust now?
1050 rounds? Very nice! All I did was de-prime 48 45-70 cases.
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Nice. I’m going to have to catch up with some of you guys over the winter. I reload .45 ACP in a progressive that I’m working to make portable and want to cast and reload some 45-70 just to say I can do it over a campfire.
Today Mark and I loaded 10mm and .38 Spl.

100 10mm 155hr XTP over 12.6gr of Blue Dot

200 10mm 165gr Xtreme flat point 9.6gr of Accurate #5

150 10mm 180gr Berry’s flat point over 8.4gr of Accurate #5

250 .38 Spl 158gr cast lead flat points over 4.2gr of W231

100 .38 Spl 158gr Xtreme semi wadcutter over 4.2gr if W231

200 .38 Spl 158gr Berrys flat point over 4.2gr of W231
Y’all done gone and got MP and Nemo excited in the same post! 🤣
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I do steel pins. Separation is relatively easy with a magnet taken from a burned out microwave.

You’re from up near DC. Of course it works that way up there!
I really need to clean up my workbench. Need more room.
Nah, it’s not that dirty yet. I can still see it.
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That was educational zetor, I’d never seen them done like that. I may have to steal the idea if I start casting for 45-70.
I’m exhausted!
You didn’t make him do the extra 50 to round out 1000?
That’s impressive @100 yards!
Getting the occasional berdan primed case is what I worry about. I have several spare decaping pins for those and a pair of pliers to destroy the case when I do run into them.
I hate those cases with a passion. I try to keep 5 decapping pins on hand.
Anybody got any tips on culling small primer .45 ACP? Seems I find them in batches I’ve already inspected twice every time I start priming.
Well, I didn’t take any photos of what Adam and I reloaded yesterday. We got a little late start, but did 400 .350 legend rounds. With apologies to Adam, here is a photo of my reloading partner…
This defeats the purpose of reloading but the Decatur Walmart had tons of .350 legend on Sunday. Passing it along as that’s an uncommon ITP round. 🤣
I’ve got to get my garage cleaned up. Clearly.
It has an automatic shell (or bullet) feed versus having to place a shell on the ram with each stroke.
Don’t tell them how expensive it is either! 🤣
Sounds like a good time. I’m shooting more .45 lately myself. I got a Lee 230 grain 6 cavity off eBay the other day but haven’t used it yet.
What are you using to melt? I’m kicking around the idea of getting into casting for .45-70.
Use promo code : thr-original
I mean the equipment. 🤣
Growing up we used an iron pot on a camp stove but I’m curious what’s changed in the intervening decades.
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