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What did you reload today?

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I know that Match 10 and I aren’t the only reloaders here. We reload on most Saturdays.

Today was a low volume day for us. We loaded 40 rounds of 30-40 Krag for him to try in a recently acquired rifle. They are Hornady 150gr soft points. 20 at over 35gr of H335 and 20 are over 36 of H335.

We also loaded 100 .357 Magnum defensive rounds that are 125gr Hornady XTP over 9.5gr of Power Pistol, and 150 .357 soft target rounds that are 158gr Berry’s flat point over 5.9gr of W244.

What did you reload today?
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I am impressed
Today Mark and I loaded 10mm and .38 Spl.

100 10mm 155hr XTP over 12.6gr of Blue Dot

200 10mm 165gr Xtreme flat point 9.6gr of Accurate #5

150 10mm 180gr Berry’s flat point over 8.4gr of Accurate #5

250 .38 Spl 158gr cast lead flat points over 4.2gr of W231

100 .38 Spl 158gr Xtreme semi wadcutter over 4.2gr if W231

200 .38 Spl 158gr Berrys flat point over 4.2gr of W231 View attachment 22902
View attachment 22903
View attachment 22904
View attachment 22905
View attachment 22906
View attachment 22907
View attachment 22908
You like Berry's bullets? They are plated, right?

I ask because they keyhole paper when shot out of my Glock 29. Apparently the Glock barrel will not stabilize plated bullets when fired at 10mm velocities.
I headed out to the CMP range with my REM 700 .308 and those rounds I loaded. Harris bipod and homemade sand bag
I was told by the range master to find group size you divide the “c-c” number by 25.4
So that comes to 5.95” 10 shot group at 600
A true minute of angle rifle and ammo combo
View attachment 24809
View attachment 24810
Tell us more about the .308 Remington 700 rifle, scope, and 175 Sierra load. Damn good shooting. Any wind?
I do not know how many reading here know what a feat you accomplished.

3 shot group at 100, 5 shot group at 100 debate

This is 10 shots at 600, and 5.95 inches. Impressive.

Was the .004 jump the best for accuracy? Have you tried a larger figure, like .010 or more? Do you intend to keep increasing overall length as the lands inevitably erode?

That means the lands on my 6mm Creedmoor eroded 0.077” over 1300 rounds, which is an average of 0.0059” every 100 rounds(i.e. 0.077 ÷ 1300 × 100).​

I bet a .308 wears even faster.

A lot of top competitors in PRS load their rounds to the overall length that puts them in the middle of a range of erosion they estimate will occur from the start to the end of the match. Complicated stuff. Some of them are finding that the rounds are more accurate in some rifles at a much larger figure, like .020 off the lands. So they take their measurements, figure out how many rounds they will be shooting at the next match (they have already been tracking wear and erosion) and then set the overall bullet length to be .020 (or whatever was most accurate) back at about the halfway point in the match, so they will be as close to either side of that most accurate overall length for the entire match. I guess paying attention to details like that is one reason they are at the top.

My .308 Remington VS shot most accurately with the bullet extended to the point that it there was some resistance closing the bolt and the neck only (rest of the previously fired case untouched). But these PRS guys are not doing it that way these days. There is some really interesting reading out there on it, if you are interested. I haven't tried any of this - just read online about others doing it.
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Trying to hone in on a load but don’t want to pull bullets if pressure signs come about. I’m at a node that gives better ES but it’s on the upper end.
Got some interesting numbers last outing. I’m questioning whether or not they are accurate. Seems awfully high F.P.S wise for a 185 bullet from a .308 win.
Brass looks fine. Checked to see how tight the spent primers were and decapping them took no less effort than those on the low end.
Taking these samples out along with the Wilson seater and arbor press to see what I get.
View attachment 25231
View attachment 25233
View attachment 25232
That is really fast for such a heavy bullet. Let us know how your seating depth affects it.
Could you tell us more about the rifle, scope, and cartridge? Which rate is that? It looks like where I was shooting on Sunday.
Silhouette range at riverbend. You must have shot PRS Sunday.

So how far back from the rifling are you setting the bullets, or have you decided yet from this test?
A lot of PRS shooters are finding more consistency throughout a competition, where hundreds of rounds might be shot, setting them out a .040 - .065

Reasoning is that the throat wears about .007 per 100 rounds shot, so they look for a spot where the vertical point of impact will not change much over an entire competition.
So even though a tight group might be found at some other seating depth, 150 rounds in the shooter might find himself with a dramatic shift up or down, which is enough to start missing.

This is a rough or five parts series, but here is part 1
I will once I have it all together, and I have not yet shot PRS, only the Riverbend Club Precision Rifle Match, and then using borrowed rifles.
Wow those calibers in PRS sound like barrel eaters. The erosion in a .308 is nowhere near that.
Wow those calibers in PRS sound like barrel eaters. The erosion in a .308 is nowhere near that.
I was listening to the Everyday Sniper podcast, and he was talking about barrels and mentioned he used to get 10-12,000 rounds out of his .308 rifles
6mm GT is what I went with. I am viewing the barrel as a consumable, probably 2500-3500 rounds.
I read a description, but I do not understand. How does this make it faster?
Thank you, that helps a lot. Does it work for rifle rounds, too?
So that does not mount to anything?
I would have thought a resizing operation needed to be mounted. Neat.
Is anybody loading for rifles with the priority goal being precision?
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I always found the Federal gold Medal Match in 308 to be more consistent than anything I could load. It is loaded the same as the Lake City LR stamped 308. Which is the military sniper round.
I used to shoot Gold Medal Match in my Remington 700VS. It would always group 4 in one hole with a flier on 5 shot groups. The flier was sometimes close, but it was not in the same hole.

Then another shooter took my rifle home with my brass and worked up a handload. He brought back a target with one tiny hole. The next 5 shot group I shot with the ammunition he loaded was one hole at a little less than one third of an inch.

He had played with the powder charge and the overall length until he found something that just worked.
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