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What if They're Closed

What about people carrying at places that normally sell alcoholic beverages during certain hours, but the carrying in question takes place after the business is closed for the day, thus during a time frame (of at least several hours, if not 12-14 hours) when NO BEVERAGES ARE SOLD, but during which time some employees may have to remain at work to clean, process paperwork, re-stock the food in the freezer, etc?

This would not only be an issue as to employees, but also to their parents, spouses, and friends who may want to carry on their person or in their vehicles as they arrive to pick up or drop off the employee at the restaurant or pub in question.

If I had a girlfriend who worked at a bar and would not be getting off from work until 3 am, even if the bar closed at midnight and "last call" was quarter of twelve, I would certainly WANT to carry. Do you think I could do it legally without violating the "public gatherings" law?
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