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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by jmorin, Jul 24, 2006.

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    My brother-in-law and his wife recently gave me their only handgun (for reasons I won't go into). The wife has had it for years...an old boyfriend bought back in the 1990s. They always said they had a S&W .357 magnum.

    When I received it, it wasn't S&W. :-k There's no markings except .357 Magnum CTG below the barrel and this on the right side of the frame:


    I did some research and apparently Wesson Firearms was a short-lived descendent of Dan Wesson Firearms back in the 90s. The gun is in pretty good condition with the original Hogue grips that were installed upon purchase. I cleaned her up a bit and she looks good. :wink:

    Does anyone here know anything about Wesson Firearms? Does anyone own a .357 six-shooter from Wesson Firearms or shot one? I don't know much about this gun but I'm itchin' to take her to the range to compare against my S&W 629!
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    My father is a S&W fanatic. He knows of Dan Wesson firearms and thinks very highly of them as well as their S&W counterparts. Dan Wesson is the great grandson of Daniel B. Wesson and in the 60's when S&W was passed from family control to buisness conglomerates, Dan Wesson showed his dissent by starting his own off shoot company - Dan Wesson Firearms.