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Only Cops with Guns

Only police officers and soldiers are trustworthy with guns, not civilians, right? So why was it that at the North Georgia Police Training Center in Acworth, an instructor just blew away a cadet during a training session?

Admittedly, I've violated Rule One a few times. For example, almost every time I clean my weapon I inspect the barrel from the muzzle end, with a clean patch or white scrap of paper in the locked-open action to reflect light down the bore.

And one time while I was investigating a shooting death that was reported as a suicide but may in fact have been a homicide, I unloaded a pistol, checked it twice, and then tried to point it at my own chest to replicate the angle that the bullet hit the victim's chest, from more than 18 inches away. I could not do it and still keep a finger on the trigger, but I came close enough that perhaps a more limber person that I could, and maybe the victim was such a person and did shoot himself in the chest from such a weird position. Or maybe he held the gun in an odd manner and pulled the trigger with his thumb or something. Anyhow, I subsequently bought two toy cap pistols-- one that looks like a revolver, and one that looks like an autopistol-- just for the purpose of recreating a crime without having to use a real firearm.

P.S. If I'm not bright enough to check both the magazine and chamber of a gun that I know I'm about to point at myself and pull the trigger, I say GOOD RIDDANCE. Darwinism at work. But of course I'm still here!
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