went to the range today

Discussion in 'Firearm Related' started by Claire, Nov 1, 2007.

  1. Claire

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    and sherri shot my 22 pistol!! :D
    for those who don't know - sherri has never shot a gun and never had interest - she'd usually drop me off at the range & pick me up when I was done. well.. we hand the range to ourselves today - so she watched me shoot the .22 - we went over the rules & safety - then she decided she wanted to try

    I think I have competition. here's one of her targets shot at from about 15 yrds. we shot for about 2 hrs and she kept very good groups like this


    I shot my CZ and a rifle most of the time

    here's one of my pistol targets - I need a lot more practice - especially getting use to the sights. the guy at the range tried the CZ and told me its similiar to his Glock which is very diff sights from my .22. When he explained to me how to line up the sight - is when I got the shots in the circles

    this target was out between the 10 & 15 yrd marker


    overall a beautiful day to be outside & at the range :D
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    Tell her she did good.

    It will take a few range trips to get used to your sights and how your CZ shoots. Good gut shots though.