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Got out to the range today with my daughter. We took her 10/22 Takedown and suppressor with some new (to us) CCI Quiet ammo at 710fps - they are not lying! Quietest 22 we've tried yet by a good margin. Of course it had trouble cycling the MkIV Lite 22 that the range wanted us to try out with the suppressor (it was just in and they wanted it checked for mechanical operation) but did fine in the 10/22.

I also got to take my new P226R with its 357SIG barrel out for a spin. Absolutely flawless performance in a drop-in barrel to replace the 40SW original barrel. Really nice shooting and more accurate in the same gun than the 40.

Had the Browning Hi-Power there for comparison. I still shoot it better than anything else but the SIG isn't far off and its a modern DA/SA in 357SIG with decocker.

Took the K2-45 with us to try some JHP ammo through it since it hit the 500 FMJ round mark last time with no failures of any kind. Flawless and just the easiest shooting 45ACP I've ever had.

I don't think I have ever shot 5 different calibers in one range trip before. Oh, and we had the range to ourselves. Just a great time with my daughter and some fine firearms. Life is good.\\:D/

P.S. My GCO hat started 2 conversations too. :)
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