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    1) Near the center top of the page it says:

    "Firearm Discussion
    News, Guns, Bills, Laws, and the Georgia Firearm License"

    It should be changed to "Weapons."

    2) The tab between "Gun Law" and "Forum" says "Firearms License" instead of "Weapons License."

    3) When you click on the same "Firearms License" tab the next screen has a tab on the left side that says "Firearm License Section" instead of "Weapons License Section."

    4) On the "Weapons Carry License" page the example still has "Georgia Firearms License" and it still has the PG law on it.

    5) The "Reciprocity" page does not show Iowa as having reciprocity with GA. I think the law has changed to allow that.
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    The license I carry doesn't say "Georgia Weapons License."
    I have a "Firearms License." Says so in black and white.
    I won't get a card that says "Weapons License" until my current GFL expires and is replaced with the new version. Sure, my rights have already been expanded in some ways and limited in others by this new law and its definition of a weapon, but the point is if you call it a "GWL" exclusively a lot of visitors to this site won't think it applies to them because that's not what the card in their wallet or purse says.

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    What about first-timers who actually have a weapons license that are wondering what a firearms license is? :lol:
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    "Website errors"...

    No "Too many connections". No "Can't connect to server". No "it's taking three minutes to post a reply".