Weapon in vehicle-Off limits-NEVER

Discussion in 'Places Off-Limits' started by cbx9mm, Dec 16, 2010.

  1. How many leave your weapon in vehicle to go into an off limits location?

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  1. cbx9mm

    cbx9mm New Member

    Tiz the season. Watch your vehicles and keep them locked. I just had my 2008 F150 stolen from work yesterday in Norcross. Thankfully I never leave my weapon in the truck aside for other items in the truck they got a full mag (15 rounds extra mag) 9mm HP. Could not imagine the headache I would have had they got my weapon and used it in a crime.

    The funny things was when I called LE to advise them of the ammo he said too bad I did not catch the thieves with my loaded weapon. NEVER leave weapon in car if you have to go into an off limits area without your weapon-Don't Go if you can help it.
  2. Wolfram

    Wolfram New Member

    I have left it in the car before, sometimes don't really expect to have to stop.

    I had to stop by the post office and grab stamps on the way home from work a few days ago. If I have to leave it I place in a compartment that if you don't know its there you wont easily find it.

    Thats scary about your truck, I work in Norcross as well, last year we had several cars broken into and they tried to steal a truck out of the parking lot.

  3. SongDogSniper

    SongDogSniper New Member

    Sometimes you do not have a choice (i.e. not going into the off limits establishment ever is not an option), unless you just leave the weapon at home in the first place and go about unarmed.
  4. RIA45

    RIA45 New Member

    I've had two vehicle break-ins. One resulted in the loss of a handgun. It ain't worth it. I keep it on me, or at home.
  5. commodore_dude

    commodore_dude Active Member

    I don't mind, my Jeep can't be stolen without the key or Chrysler's software and a lot of free time, and good luck to a thief trying to get into the glovebox without a sawzall. I also don't go many off-limits places to begin with, though.
  6. TimBob

    TimBob Old, Slow, Boring Dude

    This is our sad reality. Many of us work in places that are off limits: military base, school, church, university, gov't building, etc. And while the gun laws here in Georgia are so much better than they were, we still have a lot to do!

    In the mean time, we must do all we can to make our cars and weapons safe. Car alarm. The Club. Parking in well-lit area. And some kind of gun safe for the car.