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    (emph. mine)
    Jamie Dupree: http://wsbradio.com/blogs/jamie_dupree/ ... -dies.html

    Stay vigilant folks! Even the ones that supposedly "get it", don't quite "get it" yet! Republican/Democrat/Libertarian/Socialist - it does not matter.

    Legislative business continuing as before has GOT to stop.

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    I would suggest telling every single federal agency to come up with a budget that cuts expenses by 50%.

    Yes, I would tell Social Security to send out checks for half as they were last year.

    Yes I would tell the military to cut it's expenses by half. That means bringing all troops home from foreign bases, unless that country pays all their expenses including the soldiers' pay. Iraq, Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Germany, Japan, South Korea can defend themselves, or pay us to defend them. I would likely cut the size of our military by half.

    I would have Medicare pay providers half as much as last year, and if they want to refuse to treat people as a result then so be it.

    I would tell the education and interior departments to make do on half. I would tell the IRS to cut all staff except for those who process returns. A flat tax, with absolutely no deductions, would make this easier.
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    We don't need to cut the Education's budget. We need to close it completely down and leave the responsibility for our children's education in the hands of the local school board where it belongs. We can also shut down Homeland Security entirely and get them out of everybody but the terrorist's lives. Diito for HHS, HUD, Labor, & Energy, plus get us out of the UN immediately. We get real value for the UN because we not only save money, but get to send a major percentage of foreign espionage agents home. Now that's "True Value" (my apologies to Paul Harvey).
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    Good idea but flawed. Why not cutting 100% EVERYTHING that the Feds do that is not stipulated into the Constitution?
    The military is in the Constitution. I would say double their budget!!!!! And double the pay of our heroes...and just close those darn bases in Japan and Germany too. I vote for that.
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    Hell no (on doubled military budget)
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    There can be no sacred cows in this process. I say fine, cut education, and interior, that's fine, but the 17th Amendment allowed for an income tax, so we just have to make it so that it runs efficiently as possible. A flat tax would make that possible, but there can be no deductions, for anything.

    And no the military needs to be cut in half. The first would be to bring all our troops home, and simply defend our borders. We don't need that many soldiers and sailors to do that.

    And no, in a time of budget cuts, nobody gets a raise, not even the military. Preferably we send at least half of them home.
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    I think what happened yesterday, is the phones and emails of legislators who were going to vote for the bill were ringing off the hook saying "do not vote for this"... I know i emailed and phoned my representatives and said "What do you not understand about no more earmarks".

    In order to keep our representatives focused and going in the right direction we must stay on them constantly..... it only take s a few minutes to email or call your representative...it even carry's more weight if they know you... so go meet them....

    We the People must not quit letting our representatives konw how we feel on the issues....

    My two cents...
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    The earmarks make up $8B out of $1.3 TRILLION. They are a problem but the real issue is much deeper than that.