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It's not just the Second Amendment

The entire Bill of Rights, even the validity of the constitution itself, is now clearly under attack. Not only is the right to have firearms under attack (as it has been for years), now the very right to LIFE is under attack.

Yes, we are living in truly dangerous times for freedom-loving Americans.

People who identify themselves as Christians are now clearly under attack in the media, even from "conservatives." As an example, a local talk show host, Kim Peterson, was recently heard criticizing Christians who objected to the Terry Shivo tragedy, calling them hypocrites and basically making fun of them. Yet, the founding of this country, the bedrock of the rights we here hold so dear, was grounded in the beliefs and principals found in the Old and New Testaments of the Bible. Christian beliefs founded this country, but these beliefs are now under attack, so too are the laws based upon such beliefs.

The right to privacy has been defeated through the "Patriot Act I & II."

The right to be secure in one's person has been defeated through drug enforcement laws.

The list of grievances is long and getting longer.

The Right To Keep and Bear Arms is just one of many fundamental rights that we've begun to loose. The RTKBA is, however, the teeth of the People. When that is lost, all is lost, save for the promise of the Second Coming (which I personally believe is the only real solution to the mess we're in; HOWEVER, we can't stop fighting the good fight in the meantime).
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