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Some were predicting shall issue in Delaware this year. They were wrong. It is dead.

"Legislation to make it easier to get a permit to carry a concealed handgun is dead for this legislative session, the bill's chief sponsor said Friday."

"Rep. Deborah Hudson, R-Fairthorne, said she wanted more time for the Attorney General's Office, the Delaware Police Chiefs Council and the National Rifle Association to produce a compromise bill."

Oh, great. A compromise bill. :roll:

Link: ... 40310/1006

Why the hell do these police organizations get a say, anyway? Aren't these the same groups that always claim the sky is falling? Then, when asked a year or two after passage of a new firearms carry law, they admit that their hysteria [root word = hyster, or uterus] was unfounded?

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For a liberal facts are "An Inconvenient Truth" :D .... so they choose to ignore them.

Oh well, I'll add DE to my list of states not to move to.

Why do the people applying for the CHL have to take out a legal ad notifying the public, that's retarted.

By God, like you said Malum, we have CHL in FORTY STATES, and crime has been on the general DOWN TURN for the past TEN YEARS.

That either means guns and crime are negatively correlated as John Lott would argue or not correlated at all. In either case it only proves our point.
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