Water damage in Marietta

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    I had a bad water leak over the holidays. Dealing with insurance and water remediation crews, but most of my rifles have some damage. Rust spots starting on barrels, mold growing on leather slings, possible stock damage from being wet too long...

    I don't have anything super expensive or nice, but I am looking for a smith who can give me some quotes on repairs that I can take back to my insurance company.

    I'm knee deep (literally) in work around this, so it may be a while before I'm able to take them somewhere. I wiped them all down to dry them and then hit with a little oil so hopefully they won't get any worse until I can het to them.
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    am in the water damage repair business. Who is your ins company?

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    Go to Home Depot and pick up some mildewcide and wipe down the slings. Mold does not eat leather so it should clean up easily. After killing the spores use some oil soap on them to protect the leather from shrinking and becoming deformed. Get some "Cold Blue" if the rust spots are small and there are not many of them use a cotton swab to just touch the spots. Touch only the spot that appears rusty and try to avoid the surrounding areas. Follow the directions on the Cold Blue while doing this.