Wash State are proposing a bill that would let fans bring guns into sports stadiums

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  1. UtiPossidetis

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    Fox News is reporting that Washington state legislators are proposing a bill that would let fans bring guns into sports stadiums according to Sports Illustrated.

    The bill aims to shoot down the strict no-gun policies at stadiums like Safeco Field and CenturyLink Field, which are privately owned. The stadiums are home to the Seattle Mariners and Seahawks.
  2. AzB

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    In the state where you have to have a background check done to borrow your buddie's pistol at the range, and they don't allow sbrs at all... This bill will go nowhere.

    The whole state is being run by Seattle, which is chock full of idiots. They just passed a law that requires you to compost. You can be fined for not composting.


  3. Phil1979

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    Who knows? The rest of the state may be tired of being ruled by Seattle. This bill might succeed.

    Criminals intent on harming people will ignore the law. It's about time lawful carriers be able to be armed in stadiums without fear of jail and fines just because they want to have the ability to protect themselves.
  4. DKW

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    I think this is sort of misleading. Reading the articles, it appears the stadiums are public property run by private organizations. therefore, I can see how the state legislators can pass such a bill.

    However, If the two stadiums are privately owned, they should be able to ban whatever they want to as the state should not be allowed to dictate what a private property owner does or does not allow on their property.

    I wish our own legislators would fix this issue concerning the GA dome, the new Mercedes Benz Stadium and the new Braves ball park (not sure if these are/will be publicly owned or will be private but I am guessing public).
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    All those urban farms must be doing great. :lol:
  6. DKW

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    luckily, Atlanta hasn't taken over here yet like Seattle has in Washington State. However, it is getting pretty close.
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    Seattle and its suburbs kinda suck for 2A rights, but some things aren't too bad. I applied for my out-of-state CC permit back in October. $50 and out inside a half-hour, including fingerprinting. All done at the King County Sheriff's office. I expect to see it in about two weeks (that will hit the promised 60-day mark).