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  1. Hitmizzle

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    You would think that with the large military population in Warner Robins, there would be more places to shoot. The only place I know of is the WRPD range, but it's only open one day a month, I think. Anybody want to open a gun range in Warner Robins with me? :D

    BTW, I saw someone open-carrying in the Presidential Parkway Shopping Center yesterday. I'm willing to bet that he frequents these forums. Reveal your identity!
  2. batoncolle

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    Yeah you are pretty much limited to driving to Macon or down to the DNR in Hawkinsville. It has always surprised me that there are no places to shoot other than the WRPD range. I am originally from WR, and I am moving back in another month. My plan in another year is to by some land, probably out in Byron, and build my own gun range.

  3. Adam5

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    If you want to give me several million dollars, I will open one.
  4. Hitmizzle

    Hitmizzle New Member

    Tell ya what... you make the initial investment, and I'll help out later. :eek:
  5. gsusnake

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    If you go to Hawkinsville, take a buddy. I would NOT go shooting there alone, especially not with a bunch of guns.

    I would also carry a gun, concealed, that I did not shoot at all.

    Too many bangers and wannabes.
  6. fox

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    I go to Hawkinsville quite frequently. I've never seen any gang banger types out there, mostly people sighting rifles on the 100 yard range. There is a slight issue with ricochets that you need to be carefull of. The Perry PD is opening a new range sometime near the first of the new year. No other details other than you'll be able to shoot pistols and rifles.
  7. 98raptorta

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    Thanks for the info also. Looking for a range that will let my 11 year old daughter shoot and allow the 6 year old to sit on the bench and watch. Been here for about 3 months and have been itching to go shooting. I would not mind a nice indoor range for the handguns, the GSG5 and CX4. Looking for a range that has a courteous staff that are not pricks and offer classes for the girls and the wife. Looking at some of the membership ranges if anyone has experience with the ones in the area.

    Thanks. Scott