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Walther P22 Field Strip

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As requested by Tinkerhell, I found a pretty detailed video about how to field strip the P22: ... inspection

It seems to be pretty comprehensive, and it DOES answer the specific question I got at 14 minutes in (the guy doesn't talk about it but you can watch him do it), which is how to make the damn recoil spring behave when you're putting the slide back on. I was very confused once I got mine apart the first time as to how to reattach the slide, because the spring does not want to stay straight! The annoying thing about the instruction manual is that it covers "Disassembly and reassembly" on page 8, but the only assembly instructions consist of "Assembly is in reverse order" to the provided disassembly instructions. After a few more sections, however, salvation is provided at the top of page 11 - "For running the slide onto the receiver, use the mounting pin."

The mounting pin is a small plastic rod that comes in the parts bag with a new P22.

If you insert this through the slide into the spring before you reattach the slide, it becomes INFINITELY easier. I still always have to fiddle with it a bit to get the slide to fully attach, but the worst is over.

The pin will pop out of its own accord as you get the slide into place. If you weren't aware of this pin before, go try it and tell me that's not 100 times easier.
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Walther P22

Questions for other P22 owners,

Accuracy and if acceptable, what brand of ammunition.

Laser, anyone have one

Laser plus light (really cool) have both standalone and plus light.
"makes a great housegun with light and Rem subsonics"

Neat little gun and lots of fun. Great for first time shooters ie: ladies and youngsters. (use the Rem subsonics which do not have the muzzle blast of standard or high velocity rounds.)

Quote of the day:

"An unarmed man can only flee from evil, and evil is not overcome by fleeing from it." --Col. Jeff Cooper

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P 22

TRUE! however, one would be better to put several rounds in a "goblin" with a 22 rather than miss with a 357! (Plus!! you can put a "can on this puppy!)
Seriously, I very much understand the lack of one shot or two shot fight stopping ability of the lowly litte 22 but again, I must interate that, desipte the lack of "stopability" in a one or two shot situation and for those out there not used to the muzzle blast/recoil of a serious calibre the 22 is still a viable choice. Many, if not most humans cannot function past the first round of a 38/357/40/45 in a closed enviorment, house or car unless with lots of training. Better to continue the engagement with a low powered weapon that you are competant with than to be totally disorentated. BTW, the laser, bright light in the face of ones adversairy does help. With these features a two shot sequence to the head with a 22 could very well be "your saving grace" :wink:
Just my 2 cents worth!

Hi Budder!

Sorry for the lapse in replying.

In response to your concern of this being my housegun NTW (not to worry) :)
My personal bedroom gun is a Para LDA with Magsafes that stays under my pillow and then there is the true house gun beside the bed. . .a Remington 870 pump shotgun youth model in 20 ga with 3 inch high brass no. 5 shot. Weapon also has light on foregrip, is short and very nasty. Also the no. 5 pellets will not go runnin' around the neighborhood like ball ammo.

Oh, for goblin problems outside the house my Bennille HK M1 super 90 fills the bill just right. 3" No. 4 buck with 8 rd extended magazine and light of course.

The P22 is what I use to introduce those folks who never have fired a pistol etc. I also use a Ruger Bearcat and TC Contender to demonstrate the different types of handguns. (ie: Pistol, Revolver, Single Action and Double action along with the TC single shot.)

One lady was quite happy with the training and bought a .P22
Last week she graduated up to a P99 40!

Well, I see I've done it again. Get to talkin' and don't stop, sorry :oops:

Happy Trails,

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Walther P22

Yeppers! you are correct :D

The quote was about a 44 and not a 357. . . .oh well "us old folks" jest' tryin' to git by :D :D

Happy Trails :eek:ldtimer:
Check in with "Buzz" at C3 Sports in Dallas. He is a ClassIII and has the cans for the P22 in stock (or did) Nice folks. Bought my P22s from him.
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