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Walther P22 Field Strip

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As requested by Tinkerhell, I found a pretty detailed video about how to field strip the P22: ... inspection

It seems to be pretty comprehensive, and it DOES answer the specific question I got at 14 minutes in (the guy doesn't talk about it but you can watch him do it), which is how to make the damn recoil spring behave when you're putting the slide back on. I was very confused once I got mine apart the first time as to how to reattach the slide, because the spring does not want to stay straight! The annoying thing about the instruction manual is that it covers "Disassembly and reassembly" on page 8, but the only assembly instructions consist of "Assembly is in reverse order" to the provided disassembly instructions. After a few more sections, however, salvation is provided at the top of page 11 - "For running the slide onto the receiver, use the mounting pin."

The mounting pin is a small plastic rod that comes in the parts bag with a new P22.

If you insert this through the slide into the spring before you reattach the slide, it becomes INFINITELY easier. I still always have to fiddle with it a bit to get the slide to fully attach, but the worst is over.

The pin will pop out of its own accord as you get the slide into place. If you weren't aware of this pin before, go try it and tell me that's not 100 times easier.
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tace said:
I have less than 500 rounds through mine and there is already wear in the slide. Is this thing supposed to be disposebale? I get the feeling Walther (S&W) will be replacing things before it goes out of warranty.
It has been observed that on most P22's the trigger bar ears are rough and will eat into the zinc slide. To combat this you can disassemble the gun, and sand down/smooth over the front edges of the trigger bar ears and this should fix the problem. I did it with mine and while I didn't quite do it enough, it did almost entirely fix the problem.

For information on completely disassembling the P22 and doing this sort of work take a look over at the rimfire central forums where under the Walther section one of the "stickies" has to do with the "P22 Bible" which is a big long PDF detailing all of this.

Hope this helps.

I've currently got a big box of Remington Golden Bullets that I am shooting through. I shot about 50 Federals through mine and I'm not doing that again. I could see the dirt flying out of the muzzle and all over the place with the Federals (nothing like that with the RGBs, they were much cleaner). I have heard the same thing about Stingers being good and I've also heard regular Mini-Mags aren't bad either.

1 - 2 of 18 Posts
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