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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by Croe, Oct 26, 2007.

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    Anyone here familiar with him and his Black/Green-T coating? Thought I would ask as I had a Para-Ord done by him. He coats weapons for gov't and military teams mostly involved in "water sports". Great coating, requires no lube(actually recommends no lube) and perfect for those, like me, who have highly acidic alien sweat and can rust through most anything but a Glock. I had to have mine done because I was in MS at the time and the humidity out there kept me from carrying most anything.

    Thought I would throw the name out there to see if anyone else here has ever used/heard of him.

    If not, and you are looking for a refurb on your carry weapon I would suggest looking him up.

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    I've got an HK 911 rifle that he did for me about 15 years ago. It still looks good but it's got a few small places, most internally, that the finish has rubbed off and will rust if I neglect it. It's pretty good and looks really smooth but it will wear off if there is metal to metal contact. Supposedly he parkerizes the parts before applying the teflon. That's what the guy that got me to do it to my gun told me. It took about 2-3 months turnaround I think but that was having the rifle accurized by AWC 1st then going to Birdsong.

    For a carry pistol I'd want a Melonite/tennifer cauburrizing style finish like the one on a Glock. There are people out there that can do it allegedly. I've got a 17 y.o. glock with the black finish worn off in places and it still hasn't rusted and I abuse the crap out of it. I found this guy's name and web site mentioned as a source for this type of coating:

    The next coating I'm really curious to try is Diamond Black or Ion Bond. They are some sort of high tech ultra hard/slippery surface treatment that chemically bonds to the metal and penetrates below the surface. Denny at Global Tactical Supply has AR barrels and b.c.g.'s coated and has had a .45 coated with it. Grant at MSTN also has them. I don't know if they'll take a pistol and get it done. They both send large batches of parts out to be done by a 3rd party.