WalMart Shooting Ruled Justifiable

Discussion in 'In the News' started by Malum Prohibitum, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. Malum Prohibitum

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    I could not find this story from 2005 on this site, but many of you will recall that one of the first recipients of a firearms license under New Mexico's new law happened to be shpping in Walmart and saved a woman from a brutal stabbing death inside the store.

    Here is an update.

    From KOBTV4 ABQ NM
    How many of you leave the gun behind when shopping because it is just too much hassle to bring it along?
  2. Sharky

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    My fiance at first didnt really understand why I would bring my sidearm EVERYWHERE I legally :wink: could.

    After actually listening to the news then actually seeing some things differently, once I pointed them out to her, her opinion completely changed.

  3. Macktee

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    My wife absolutely hates guns and frequently questions why I "need" to carry mine when I leave the house. I think this incident answers that question far better than any reason I might propose to her.

    Thanks for the update.

    What's difficult to understand is why it took so long for the DA to make a determination. Probably waiting to see which way the political winds were blowing...
  4. Rammstein

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    Never. I only leave home without my gun for one reason, and that is to go to school. Once I get back to the apartment, my Glock is back in the holster within ten minutes.

    When I went back home for Thanksgiving break my Uncle from Kalifornia was visiting. I got the whole, "why do you need that thing?" line.

    He didn't seem to mind me having it when my brother and I took his daughter and her friend to the mall so they could shop. I have to admit though....I went to the mall just so I could pick up my new OD Glock19. :D The gun shop just happens to be near the outlet shops, so when they found out where we were going they invited themselves.