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Walk Your Dog Somewhere Else!

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A grandmother who was shot at by youths in her local park was told by police that she should walk her dog somewhere else in future, she claimed yesterday . . .

Been shot at? Walk your dog in another park, police tell vicar's wife
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But this is UK, right? Surely nobody is allowed have guns, especially little kids.
It probably wasn't even a real gun. After all, in a society that bans guns, how would one know?
The Article said:
"Informing my shaken constituent that she should walk her dog in another park is scandalous. Furthermore, we still have a group of youths roaming the streets with a firearm."
OH, The in humanity! A firearm!

There is but one cure to this situation.....

:ninja: More Cowbell. :ninja:
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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