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    MP note: This could make some drastic changes for Georgians if it spreads.

    From VCDL:

    3. New firearms policy at Wal-Mart lets district managers decide

    Member A.L. Soots relays his experience at the Fairlawn Wal-Mart:

    Mr. Van Cleave,

    About a month ago, a relative of mine was in the Wal-Mart in Fairlawn. He was doing some shopping while open carrying his weapon. After being in the store for a little while, he was confronted by the assistant store manager, Jim Hancock, who told him that he was breaking the law by carrying his firearm, and asked him to remove it in the store and let him take it. When my relative said no, the manager told him that he could either go with him to the office and "straighten this out" or be prosecuted.

    He said, "OK," not knowing what he was going to be prosecuted for.

    When they got to the back of the store, the assistant manager then
    called the Pulaski Sheriff's Department and put the deputy on speaker
    phone and asked what my relative could be charged with. When the deputy told him that there was no law being broken, he then hung up and started telling my relative that "things were going to change when the next president was elected...and people like my relative were going to lose their rights to carry weapons."

    When my relative wanted to leave, he was told that he had to write a report. After the report was written and signed, he then told him to leave the property. There were witnesses to this. After I talked with Dave Knight about this, he called and talked with the store manager who told him that her store employees would "be educated" and that they weren't to bother anyone carrying a weapon in the store.

    Well, last night (August 28, 2007) I was in the same store to purchase some ammo for a CCW class that I was teaching. I was in the store with a friend of mine. We walked straight from the front door to the sporting goods department (open carrying). After standing at the counter with no help for a few minutes we were confronted by the SAME assistant manager and another employee.

    Mr. Hancock told us that we were not welcome in the store while carrying a weapon and he wanted us OFF THE PROPERTY NOW. I asked him if this was store policy or his policy. He said it didn't matter, and that if we did not leave, we would be charged with trespassing.

    We turned to walk out of the store and Mr. Hancock followed us on our heels all the way out. I stopped at one point to ask him why he was following us. After we left I made a call to the district supervisor, Terry Sartain, and left a message at his office because it was after hours. I spoke with Mr. Sartain this morning and he told me that the local managers and he were working on a new firearms policy.

    He said that they had cleared it with the home office and the legal department and that they were OK to change the policy in his store to NO FIREARMS...NO CONCEALED OR OPEN CARRY!! He said that the signs were being printed and would be posted in a couple of days.

    The stores affected by this change are Fairlawn, Christiansburg, and Salem, with Roanoke stores to follow. So, it looks like Wal-Mart is falling. What do we do about this, or is there anything that we can do?

    (Update: I just spoke with someone at corporate and was told by them that the new Wal-Mart corporate policy on firearms is to let district managers decide on the firearms policy for their stores. It is in their hands and out of corporate.)
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    Yet another reason not to go there.

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    Good way to pass the buck from the corporate. Wal Mart is an evil empire, just like M$ and I go out of my way most of the time to not give either of them any money. Having sad that, they still have the cheapest WWB 9mm around, so that's pretty much all I buy at Wal Mart. I go to Target for everything else.
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    I've never had any problems the few times that I go to walmart. Then again I am down here in Albany, people pretty much don't even bat an eye when I open carry (which I do everywhere legal). The most I get is the "Are you a cop?", then its education time, and i usually refer people to GCO and GPDO. (I am a gun missionary lol)
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    I OC'd in the Chamblee Walmart last Wednesday night. Bought two pairs of black cargo pants and walked out.

    I heard a kid tell his little buddy 'Whoa! Check it out!' as they passed me in the aisle. That was all the attention I garnered that I am aware of.

    Besides: I can't think people were looking at me too hard, what with the two lesbians in front of me making out in the checkout lane. :shock:

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    :puke: You owe me a lunch.
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    Were they hot?
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    They are in my mind. Please don't tell otherwise.
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    "Someone at corporate" isn't enough to make me pay attention. Written policy by chief legal counsel or COO would be.
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    I actually saw a couple lesbians in WM... they were the movie-kind... but the were just holding hands.


    or maybe they were psyche students doing a non-normative neutral behaviorial study.
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    Big +1 on this point LSU!
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    If they post a sign stating no firearms, and catch you carrying inside, what could they do? Even with a GFL is that considered a violation of law? Or will they just give you a mean look, say bad boy, and tell you to leave? Is it an arrestable offense for breaking Wal Mart's no weapons policy? Will you have to go to Wal Mart jail?
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    #1 ask you to leave.

    #2 no.

    #3 yes.

    #4 only if you refuse to leave, and it's only criminal trespass.

    #5 I'd like to see them try.
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    Maybe a contradiction from VCDL?
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    You don't want that to happen. The bad news is it is in China.

    The good news is it is easy to break out of as the bars are made of lead.
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    The other bad news...they'd rather shoot you in the back of the head than keep you in prison.
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    If they ban carry, they ban my money. Not that they care, but thanks to the Internets, there's no reason to walk into a store that bans carry. :)

    That said... "Concealed is concealed."