Wal-Mart in Ohio

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    Hello! Just wanted to share this...

    I was in Columbus, OH, for a wedding over the weekend with my wife. I ran into the local Wal-Mart (I wasn't carrying) to get a few things and ran through the beer aisle.

    I noticed lots of signs about the legal drinking age when I came across one that read something to the effect of "Warning! If you are carrying a concealed firearm, you are not allowed in this area..." :-k I tried taking a close-up photo of the sign with the camera phone but it came out fuzzy.

    I'm not familiar at all with Ohio state concealed carry laws or Columbus city regulations for that matter, but I found this interesting...banning the presence of a legally concealed firearm in a particular area of the store.
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    It used to be somewhat common to make it a crime to carry in a liquor store. It's quite possible OH still has such a law, and Walmart is trying to help you out.