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Discussion in 'Firearms' started by kestak, Jun 6, 2007.

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    I went around the town yesterday because I wanted to know what ammo would be the cheapest. Still it is Walmart Blazer .45 ACP FMJ box of 50 12.16$ and Winchester 9mm box of 100 14.56$ (Sometimes they have a box of 250 too) that are the cheapest.

    If you can't put your hands to a box of Blazer .45 ACP, the next cheapest solution is UMC box of 250 for 63.76$.

    Anyone got better EVERYDAY prices? (Not a one time special)

    Finally, I saw a guy at the range the other day firing Wolf .45. The cartridges were gray and it was producing a lot of smoke. I don't think I would fire those, I forgot to ask him how much he paid and I am curious to know if those were cheaper than the ones written above.

    Thank you
  2. ber950

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    Its hard to beat Walmart. It can be done if you buy in bulk. The last .45 stuff I bought was Amerc. Its not much better than Wolf but it is in brass cases.

    Some of the Winchester white box stuff is made overseas now.

    Wolf is about the cheapest stuff out there. It is nasty stuff. The laquer melts when the gun gets hot and is a chore to clean. It has a high ammonia level and stinks too.
    On the positve side it is well sealed and goes bang every time.

  3. Mike from Philly

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    Walmart is the cheapest source that I found. I've been shooting the CCI Blazer 9mm in Al case and it works great. Academy Sports used to have good prices on that ammo. Frankly, with China buying up all the raw materials in world, ammo ain't cheap anymore. I've gone to shooting 22lr for the cost savings.
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    I buy all of my 9mm from WalMart or Dicks when they have a sale. I also get my .22 from Walmart. .380 I can get off the net ALOT cheaper though. I paid $86 (including shipping)for 500 rounds of Blazer aluminum off of the net a few weeks ago. WalMart is $23.99 per 100 for WWB. For .223 Dicks has Ultramax (I know reloads) for $16.99 per 50, or I'll get some off the net. I can't use the cheap .223 anymore :( . I was getting Wolf for $3.76 per 50 for the Saiga that I sold, but I've been told that it's not reccomended to use steel cased ammo in an AR15. For my other two calibers, 7.62x54R and 7.65 ARG, I order surplus stuff off of the internet. The last time I looked for 7.65ARG locally, it was $40 per 20 for Norma. I ordered 300 rounds of 70's vintage Argentinian surplus stuff for $64 off of gunbroker.
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    I typically bought the bulk packs a Walmart, but an Academy Sports opened up on the beaten path from my house to the rifle club; so, I typically just stop in there for ammo now. I've been shooting some Monarch brand stuff out of Serbia with decent results.
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    One word: RE-LOAD That's all I got to say about that........
    8) 8) 8)
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    wolf or some sort of russian for the AK

    usually wwb for .40