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But you're enjoying the Bruen ruling, no?

Or do you think we'd still have that if Hillary had three SCOTUS picks?

Be honest and tell us you wished she had won.

I'm pretty sure Moran's (morons) voting is what gave us the CF that was the Trump presidency.

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Quote from article:

"We now have two mentally damaged individuals in high office in this country, neither able to function as an independent adult. How did they get there? By being elected… with the addition of other means. But it was the votes that created a situation where those “other means” could work.
In other words, the moron vote played a large role. Tens of millions of voters who can’t recognize a mentally crippled individual when they see one. Who witness electoral cheating in front of their eyes as clearly as that of a three-card monte dealer but don’t see it for what it is. Who simply can’t make the connection between the close of critical pipelines and gas costing six bucks at the pump."


Idiocracy is playing out before our very eyes.

And thanks to tribalism --supporting whatever person or position folks in "your tribe" seem to support-- we now have a condition where the hard-core zealots of both political parties cannot see that the emperor is naked and wears no clothes (well of course they can see that, but they refuse to admit it; they desperately want to continue the charade that the emperor wears the finest clothes woven from that special thread that is invisible to the unworthy.)
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