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Discussion in 'Firearm Related' started by burtgummer, Nov 2, 2010.

  1. burtgummer

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    Anybody heard of them or have one? I have a magazine that i picked up from my range/shop in Brunswick, GA. They have a review and test of the PTR-32. The optic they mounted for the test was the SPARC red dot. It seemed to hold up well with a high quality 7.62x39 rifle. I was thinking about getting one for my PTR-91 but im not sure if it can handle 7.61x51 recoil all day.

  2. Fallschirmjäger

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    I've heard they're a nice, low-cost alternative for firearms that aren't being used for dedicated face shooters :) . (Meaning that nothing beats an AimPoint when your life depends on it 24/7, but for guys who aren't deployed they're pretty good. )

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    I've heard positive things about them(on the internet anyways). I've never seen one in a store.
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    I have the strikfire on my AR and love it, a great alternative to a 400+ aimpoint. It holds Zero and the have an awesome warranty and customer service. I have had no problems with mine at all. Now they even make a 3x magnifyer that is top notch quality :righton:
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    I bought one about 3 months ago. It's OK but it's no Aimpoint. The one thing that ticks me off about it is the brightness adjustments. They don't go low enough which causes the dot to bloom in low light like evening and early morning. It's not a bad problem but it is annoying if you're used to Aimpoints. I have 3 Aimpoints so I guess I'm kinda spoiled.

    If you are looking for a low cost micro red dot get one of Primary Arms latest versions. The dot is very sharp and the brightness controls are better IMHO than the push button design used by Vortex. I have two of them. One's on a M&P15-22 and the other is on a Maadi AK-47. The base is the same as a T-1 and Vortex Sparc so you can use any of the aftermarket T-1 bases. Both sights have held zero. The .22 has thousands of rounds through it and the AK has over 500 since the micro dot sight was installed.