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vigilante song- "Wait in the Truck"

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I heard a new country song on the radio-- it's about a guy driving through some small town that he's unfamiliar with and he sees a pretty woman bloody and bruised along the road. He picks her up and finds out she was the victim of domestic violence. He asked where she lives. He goes to her home, gets his pistol from under the seat of his pick up truck, kicks in the door of the trailer, and immediately shoots her husband/boyfriend.

He goes on to say he doesn't regret it.

He tells us that even five years later he made the right choice, as he sits in prison.

I don't like how this makes gun owners look like vigilantes.
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I'm not familiar with the artist or the song, but I remember seeing him mentioned in an article recently. I don't remember what the article was about, but I think it said something about him having a #1 song and something about him not really being a country artist.
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