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not enough info

I don't think the linked news article has enough information. It might be fair to call it an act of vigilante justice IF what happened was that after the bad guys had left the scene of the home invasion robbery, witnesses chased after them, shot them, beat them, and then turned them over to the police.

Not that it would be a bad thing, or automatically an illegal thing. There may be some rare instances when shooting a fleeing felon, if necessary to apprehend him, is appropriate. This might be one of those kind of cases. The news article doesn't have enough detail to say, though.

But my definition of a "vigilante" is one who acts outside of the legal system to detect and capture and then punish a suspected criminal, using methods that are without question illegal and unconstitutional, and would never be tolerated if done by police. The above described incident might qualify as vigilanteism, or it might not. Either way, it's hard to feel sorry for the armed robbers who ended up wounded and captured. Like fowl said above, it's silly to even TRY to feel sympathy for them.
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