Vigilante justice or citizens getting the job done?

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    More nonsense at the link.[/quote:vzwn6ycf]

    (The above was taken from the Trooper LeCroy thread)

    Reference the vigilante justice thread

    Many cities have a revolving door problem. A lot of folks see this as government (justice department) not doing its job. Folks in Skidmore, MO felt that government (justice department) didn't do its job. We know how that ended, and many felt it was justified.

    In the vigilante thread, GooberTim pointed out:
    Groats followed with:
    At what point (if at all) is it acceptable for the people to uphold (or enforce) the law themselves? If hired officials aren't doing their job, can the people do the job themselves in the interim?
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    Acceptable for the last few hundred years, at least.

    If, for example, the sheriff doesn't have the manpower to go after some criminals, he could (still can, I guess) deputize ordinary citizens to do the job.

    If the sheriff isn't doing his job, a judge could deputize citizens to enforce the law (and run the sheriff out of town).

    This deputizing does nothing to make the deputies more qualified, it's just a CYA move.