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"View Your Posts" link is sporadic

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This happens very randomly and I can't see a pattern, but I often use "View Your Posts" to get back to my WTS shirts topic to see if it's been added to or to bump it myself.

The topic does not always show in the list from "View Your Posts". Sometimes it does; sometimes it doesn't. It's not that it fluctuates from refresh to refresh, but more like from day to day. There could be other topics, but this topic is one I go looking for.

It wasn't showing up a few days ago, then I thought the problem fixed itself when I last bumped it. Now, it's not showing again.

Just wanted to mention it. Is anyone else noticing this?
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It's probably the result of a search maintenance/upkeep routine. I just tried to find posts of mine that include "GCO" and it returned 0 results. Guess I was a terrible recruiter.
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