Vietnam era 5.56mm tracers

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    For sale, $60 for the whole lot of 78 rounds:

    1968 dated Olin M196 red tracers.


    I shot a few of these years ago. All fired, but I didn't see all of them trace. I was shooting 100 yards, and these were made and designed NOT to trace until the bullet was about that far from you, so it would not give away your position to the enemy. These bullets don't take very long to reach the target and bury themselves in the backstop from only 100 yards! Olin tracers 556.jpg

    Muzzle flash was not a problem, UNLIKE some commercial pistol-caliber tracers I've used, which had a huge orange fireball at the muzzle with sparks flying, too.

    If you want only 1 box of 20, the price is $25.
    All 3 full boxes and that 4th box that's only missing a couple of rounds = $60.

    Will trade for 150 rounds of new or nearly-new .223 or 5.56, brass or steel cased, 50 to 55 grain weight. (Nothing heavier; I have a varmint rifle with a slow-twist barrel).