Victims in East Point sports bar shooting increased to 4

Discussion in 'Crimes in Gun Free Zones' started by BSCLibertarian, Dec 27, 2010.

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    If only it was illegal to carry a gun in a bar, this kind of thing would never happen..... :whisper: ....wait, what? I don't understand..... :banghead:

    I never go to this place but it is right in downtown East Point.....we go to East Point Corner Tavern if/when we want to go to a bar in EP....prefer Manchester Arms in CP.....but I digress.
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    Sitting out on the deck at the Corner Tavern is nice, in good weather. Don't believe I've been to that place in the story

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    I'm so glad my place has a metal detector and everyone gets a good pat down to get in. Everyone.
    Yes I'm currently gigging in a black hip hop club in DeKalb. I can tell you they all got weed for Christmas, Sunday night I must have seen 50 blunts if I saw one.
    [​IMG] The whole place was skunked up like mad.

    Have not seen a weapon yet, other than my 1911 and I keep it in my office while it's open.