Veterans Day, welcome home

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  1. Verbal101

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    Welcome home.

    To those still serving, here or overseas, stay safe and come home.

    Interesting perspective from Lee Greenwood, on why he wrote "God Bless the USA":

  2. Wegahe

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    Well I said this the first time I heard it and I will say it again. That song should replace our National Anthem because it is so much more fitting than the one we have now.
    It's not that I don't respect or accept the reasoning and meaning behind the current. This one is of today for today and each new day it will be for it.

    To my brother who served in the army and currently resides in Alabama, to my brother who served in the USAF and was buried at sea in 1971 after being shot down over Vietnam, and to all vets who have served in war and peace.

    Thank you....
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  3. DonT

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    Thank you, veterans. I salute you all.

    This is one of my favorite Ronald Reagan videos, about the price of freedom.


    Retired Army officer, 1980-2000
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    One of my favorite speeches of all times. I took my Dad up to IHOP and we got our free "red, white and blue pancakes" with about 100 other vets. I even carried on a fabulous conversation with a BLACK man and it didn't involve politics or not a single word about racism!!! Just a few "old heads" telling stories and remembering those that aren't around anymore. It was one of the most enjoyable times I have had in a very, VERY long time.

    And for those of you that have or are still serving...THANK YOU.
  5. Verbal101

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    Great video, thanks for posting.

    Another Reagan quote, which I happened across after watching the one you posted.

    Compare that to hillary's "what difference does it make" comment.