Valdosta RK Gun Show Today

Discussion in 'GENERAL EVENTS' started by Savvy Jack, Jan 15, 2011.

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    I was not able to work the GCO booth today but I did manage to stop by for a few minutes. Very interesting this this year. As some of you know the past few gun shows in Valdosta were canceled. Something about security issues. Well today when I entered the building it was like TSA was there. Empty your pockets in the baskets and walk through the detector. Then the guy with the wand waves it up and down. Ok, good to go. No concealed firearms allowed and no loose ammo and all firearms must be ziptied. Ok, my revolver was empty and the hamer zip tied. All loose ammo in my ammo loops left in the car.

    Now, once I get inside I can buy all kinds of guns and all kinds of loose ammo as well as knives, swords etc........ :screwy:
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    why i dont attend gun shows.