Valdosta Open Carry

Discussion in 'GA Laws and Politics' started by Malum Prohibitum, Aug 21, 2007.

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    I lived there for just over two years ('96-'98), and I never saw anyone open carrying while I lived there. The Lowndes County SO is pretty aggressive in going after drugs, but I don't know how they are on other stuff. I have a cousin that is fairly high ranking with them. I may see him this weekend and will ask him if I get the chance.

    The Valdosta PD is a pretty good department, but they have a much different attitude than does the LCSO.

    The City of Remerton is encircled by Valdosta. All that is in Remerton is college students, bars/restaurants, and old folks. The Remerton PD was very aggressive when I lived the area.

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    I've seen one guy open carry when I was home once.

    My dad said he asked a guy at the Wal-mart sporting goods department if he'd ever seen anyone do it and the clerk said that he had but they usually call the manager if they see open carry. :roll:
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    I know a few time I was home on leave I saw a couple pf people open carrey in Valdosta. I even saw some over in Thmasville in wally world and other places.

    My wife told me look how they are carrying thier guns. I told her they can do that. I prefer to carrey concealed that way no one knows I have any thing until it is to late for them if they try any thing on us. She did not know you could open carrey at all.

    Can you tell me if that indoor range in Valdosta is still open it is right beside the rail road tracks there on HWY 84 in town. I go over there everytime I go home on leave to shoot. They closed the public range down in Thoimasville and now you have to be a member or on the PD/SD to use it. I can not remember the name of the place but would like to know if they are still there and open.
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    Did anyone else notice the response to that question was posted by one of our people?

    Way to go wsweeks!!!
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    The store with the indoor range on hwy 84 went out of business. :( I think its a church now.

    I have heard several uncorroborated stories of people being told to leave the Colonial Mall for open carrying.

    VPD officers have been very polite and professional every time I've had any contact with them. I always CC though. No one's every said a word about it.

    LCSO officers are the ones I'd be concerned about. They have all been aggressive and arrogant every time I've met one.
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    I do what I can Mr. Macktee! As you know I'm a proponet of OC and do what I can to educate when I can. You've also seen me in action first hand "discussing" the matter with undereducated LEO's and keeping my cool. I was actually honored that he even asked if I was a lawyer.

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    Man that sucks as like I said before it was one of the good places I liked to go shoot when I am back home on leave. I know they had a really good gun selection in there all the times I was there.

    I guess I will have to look around for some other places to shoot when I do go back home for leave. I always take my guns and my son and we go shoot.

    I am now looking for a pistol, shotgun and rifle for my son. I want to start teaching him how to shoot. I am going to start getting back into hunting and would like for my son to start getting into also.