Va. woman executed for slayings in 2002

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    can someone find out why or what he cited about the case:

    I've looked and didn't get any hits.all I get is the same sentence in 50 different papers... It's quite obvious this woman deserved the death sentence and luckily after 8 years it was FINALLY carried out. I wish it didn't take 8 years in federal prison to finally put someone to death that confessed to the actual murder/crime or theres 100% proof such as footage that removes all doubt that the criminal in fact commited the crime. It should be straight to the chamber or chair no more than 6 months of the guilty verdict. If lawyers can't come with substantial proof then :dtmb: :dtmb: :dtmb: :dtmb:
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    Sorry, if she was convicted of murder and sentenced to death, why has she been consuming taxpayers' money sitting in jail, waiting for years to die? Rope is cheap and reusable and .308 is about .65 per round if you get some basic ammo, and it could have been done the next day.

    People are complete wusses today. If they executed criminals by hanging or shooting them in the town/city square like they once did, you'd have fewer people committing crimes that qualified for that serious of a consequence.

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    He was probably making a comment about what hypocrites we are because we killed her, but are telling him its a violation of human rights because he wants to kill Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani.