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Used revolvers

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Looking for advice on shopping for used revolvers. Specifically, what are some things I should look for on the gun that would be a deal breaker?

BTW - the guns I'm looking at are a Ruger GP100 4"...

...a Taurus 608 (would love to find it blued)...

...or a Smith 686+ (another one I'd prefer to find blued).

And no - pic size is not an indication of preference. :lol:
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Yes messed up screws. It means someone who doesn't have a clue has been messing with the internals.

Frankly if you came in my store and pulled out a feeler gauge I would tell you to get lost.
Just look at the gap and make sure it isn't wide enough to put a credit card through or so small the cylinder is rubbing the forcing cone.
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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