US Shuts down Piracy Web Sites . . .

Discussion in 'Off-topic Political' started by pml, Nov 27, 2010.

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    Folks - I have to say I'm amazed that this has gotten zero response here some eight hours after pml posted it (go to Drudge if you want further info).

    In case you don't realize it, this is very scary stuff. Scarier than what the TSA has been doing. Scarier than what is happening in the Eurozone (in some respects). All of you that rail about the impingement of our rights by the government should be paying attention. For that matter, Everyone should be paying attention. This has never been done before. And it's happening by the DHS / ICE, no less (huh?) on a Saturday of a holiday weekend, no less (reduced news coverage).

    Riddle me this, Batman...

    Should this site (and GON and GCO and Sipsey and...) suddenly go off-line permanently, exactly how do you intend to link up with like-minded peoples?

    Those of you that rail about how you're the staunch defenders of Liberty (to paraphrase/summarize), is now the time to stand and be counted? And if so, just how do you intend to do that?

    Yes, I'm throwing the gauntlet on the table. No, I'm not expressing a position. As such, those could be treated as rhetorical questions.

    I am, however, seeking a means to remain in contact with like-minded people should resources such as this one be compromised.

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    Sorry, the turkey was making me sleepy...

    It wasn't YouTube, was it?
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    What is this YouTube you speak of?
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    I'm still not exactly certain what jurisdiction ICE has over websites and domain names.

    IF they were importing counterfit materials and avoiding customer, OK -- confiscate the materials and shut down the companies.

    Does anyone know if all these sites were run from within the US? Were they hosted within the US? Were they selling materials (counterfit or otherwise) that were already in or manufactured within the US?

    Taking a site down by taking over the domain name is really the most final way to do it. You can move hosts you can't set your site up somewhere else. You have to come back with a new name in a new place.

    For the torrent-related sites, why isn't this considered a violation of 1A? Simple talking about or even telling people where to find illegal material is not a crime.

    Does anyone have any more information than was made avaialable via Drudge earlier today?
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    Many other "conservative" websites will be next. It could happen at anytime in the future.

    Don't worry, though. We're all just waiting to the big casus belli. :roll:

    I have no doubt in my mind that it will take a complete collapse of our country, our dollar, and complete WROL before anybody will do anything, and that will just be sitting there tucked in our houses and neighborhood protecting our homes, if that.

    We Americans will sit back and take anything. We're completely way too patient, and way too slow to do anything.

    We will sit back as the country flies of the cliff, some on this website will be glad that we flew of the cliff in 3rd gear (Reps) than 4th gear (Dems). Wake the heck up.
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    I think a little "due process" would be in order.

    I see nothing wrong with taking action against piracy of copyrighted material, but not without due process.