US should weigh war on terrorism tax

Discussion in 'Off-topic' started by Rammstein, Feb 7, 2007.

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    now I've seen it all, time to drop out into the wilderness, with all the other Vietnam Vets. Hello Montana/Dakota

    And I thought that New Jersey's Right to Work Tax was rediculous. My mother was taxed as a homemaker, despite the fact that she had zero income. My family only stayed in that "garden state" for two years. I will never return.

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    It's a good idea !

    I think we should have "War on Terror" tax. we should charge it to the Iraqi people in the form of free oil. We should also charge it to other countries that are inadvertently being helped by our war on terror, but are too chicken stuff to put thier own troops on the battle field.
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    Just a different way to try & get the war shut down.
    If the libs could get this passed then the next thing would be a huge media blitz of all the people that would be complaining about the tax & that we had to end the war because no one wants another tax.
    Which is true.
    What we should do is make the damn politicians stop stealing our money for thier pork!

    Wouldn't hurt to stop our lovely socialism plans either.
    I was forced to go to wally world on the bad side of town the other day and it just made me sick watching the two families in front of me - about 6 kids each, all obese to some degree and paying for everything in vouchers. :puke: it was so painfully obvious that they were just living off the system. I have no problem helping someone in need get back on their feet. Hell bad things can happen to any of us, no matter how much we plan. But the vast # of people that are simply human refuse.... :minigun:
    ok rant off...
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    Why don't we put it to bed for good and implement a "politician tax"?