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Universal Firearm Registration is Only Answer

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Without universal firearm registration there is no conceivable way to prevent every angry teenager and mentally unstable adult from picking up a gun and acting on any impulse. How many more children must die before our politicians stop kowtowing to the gun lobby? ... 1972.story
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Tinkerhell said:
Correct me if I am wrong, but when you buy a gun at a gun show and don't have a BATFE recognized gun license (one that exempts the instant check) don't they have to run an instant check on the buyer? Doesn't that show up the same issues that would show up when you apply for a carry permit (excluding the print check, so I guess you could more easily "forge" your identity).

And yeah, there is a way to stop a drive by shooter from doing it again. Catch him & execute his ass. I'm pretty sure forcing gun registration wouldn't catch him or keep him from doing it again (much less from doing it in the first place). It certainly wouldn't keep his mom from driving him & 6-7 of his closest friends to the local skate park with knives to kill his next victim instead of making it a drive by.

Ass hat.

(we need an ass hat smilie....)
Tinkerhell said:
They are paying me to work, not hunt down neat smilies.
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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